It’s all about me.

Who Am I? That’s quite an existential question, but quite simply I’m Wayne, a creative designer with 25 years’ experience with agencies across Liverpool, now enjoying a new lease of life following my own path as a freelance creative. And here is a picture of my dog, because, quite frankly, no-one wants to see a picture of me, unless you like that sort of thing.


More stuff you may find vaguely interesting

During my career working for a number of creative agencies it is no surprise that I have adopted many roles, creative, copywriter, art director and art worker. I am as comfortable with a pen and pad as I am with a Mac. I am fully conversant with the Adobe Creative Suite, my main strengths are working with InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat in that order. More often than not, clients will require an integrated online presence to their campaigns – including social media. Therefore, I’ve adapted my creative strengths and applied them to suit such platforms to provide my clients with online campaigns that are relevant, targeted and complementary to other strands of the campaign. Whether I’m art directing photo-shoots, delivering a pitch, or creating a 60-page document, if it’s a job well done, then I’m happy.

My approach

As with all creative work I have undertaken it is vital to gather as much information as possible from the very outset. To identify time scales, budgets and objectives, to provide you with a clear and costed approach to your brief, liaise with external supplier i.e. copywriters, photographers, illustrators and printers in order to deliver the very best possible solution on time and within budget.

I also make a lovely cup of tea.

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