Merseyrail case study

The Approach

How do you tackle the prospect of informing thousands of rail users the largest underground station in the city is to close for five months? I created a campaign that positions Liverpool Central as a person. Somebody who needs to change for the better, to fit into the ever-changing environment, answering the needs of an increased audience and that of a city with a global presence. This being a completely positive closure for those involved. By placing Liverpool Central in the ‘first person’ I communicated it’s desire to change and messages in an appealing and heartfelt manner, giving the station a personality that enabled it to deliver difficult messages in a warm and caring manner. This in turn allowed Merseyrail the ability to reach out to its customer base on a warm, friendly and caring level. Utilising traditional and social media channels.

  • Creative concept
  • Design
  • Copywriting
  • Art Direction
Merseyrail – Case study