Merseyrail NPS


Merseyrail NPS Awareness campaign is an opportunity for Merseyrail to inform their customers of the good works and improvements they have made on the network. The creative had to be able to carry multiple messages, be engaging and most off all memorable.

My starting point was to find out just how much work Merseyrail had put into improving it’s service and it’s image, what came across is how much they cared, for the well being of both their customers and their staff. I wanted to create a personality for them, but with so many people working there just who could we choose. I thought M could embody the spirit and nature of the entire corporation, plus it was a great exercise in brand re-enforcement. I chose a local gaming company to create the character, art directed the shoot and carried out all post production work.

  • Design
  • Art Direction
  • Finished Artwork
Merseyrail NPS